Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Time-Not Enough of it!

I just read this.....This really hit home about time, we never seem to have enough of it. It feels like time is moving faster than ever. 2006 is almost gone!! We are down to the last 90 days. This is from Jay Levinson author of Guerrilla Marketing.

It is certainly not money as many people have been falselyled to believe. Instead, time is life. Time is opportunity. At birth, everyone is granted a lifetime of time. Circumstances often demand so much of that time that little is left over for each individual. And yet, when time ends,there is no chance to get it back.

Each second of time is precious. The more you are aware of that, the more likely you'll be never to waste your time. Unlike other resources, it is non-renewable, available inlimited quantities, and substitutes are not possible.

A key to maximizing your time in this life, on this planet is planning. Free time all by itself is hardly a blessing unless you know what you'll do with it. And when you do know, you soon comprehend that time is far more valuable than money, so much so that it's a disservice to time -- and to yourself -- to equate it with money.

Time allows you to partake of the lush benefits of the otherbest things in life. Without it, you are deprived of what they bestow upon you. With it, you can revel in theirabundance.

Jay Levinson and Amy Levinson
Father of Guerrilla Marketing

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