Friday, October 20, 2006

I just read this from Dan Kennedy......

Successful Marketing Strategies- How To Stimulate Word> Of Mouth Advertising>>

Just to refresh your memory, we're talking about stimulating> business by using word of mouth strategies and in your> previous Successful Marketing Strategy I spoke about one> method to accomplish this, which is called "Slice of Life.">>

Far better though is real word of mouth advertising and there> is a single, basic secret to stimulating a high rate of word-of-> mouth advertising. I first discovered the secret from studying> the Disney Companies.>>

Word-of-mouth marketing is taught there as "find ways to do> what you do so well and so uniquely that your customers> cannot resist telling lots of other people about you." At the> Disney Parks this principle is implemented in the forms of> cleanliness and authenticity.>>

When first time visitors to Disneyland and Disney World are> surveyed and asked what sticks in their mind most about> their visit the overwhelming number one answer is the> cleanliness of the parks. The number two answer is the> authenticity of the environments.>>

Disney marketing pros understand how this translates> into real life. Harry and Marge go back to Dubuque and tell> their friends, "You can't believe how clean the parks were."> Then four more families from Dubuque pile money into motor> homes and bring the money to the mouse.>>

Because they understand this, the Disney people think of> park cleanliness as marketing, not just maintenance. They> use this to stimulate referrals. Any business can also find> ways to stimulate referrals, to stimulate word-of-mouth> advertising, often by doing things that should be done anyway.>>

In a retail type business excellence and creativity in the store> environment and in customer service are most likely to> stimulate referrals. I know a dentist, for example, who "ten-> timesed" his practice in just twenty-four months without> increasing his external ad budget by even a dollar. He> identified seven hundred different things to change in the> office environment and in patient communications and those> changes were responsible for developing a very high level of word-of-mouth > advertising.>>

Now, this brings up a vitally important theme that should be> behind all your marketing efforts, which I'll reveal in just a> few days in your next Success Marketing Strategy.>>

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