Wednesday, November 22, 2006

eBay as a Marketing Tool

I just read this.......

eBay as a Marketing Tool??

I can hear you now…
“eBay? Why should I care about eBay? I don’t really
want to start selling crap out of my garage!”
Yes, eBay (!
And no, you’re not going to have to start an eBay
business out of your garage, unless you want to, of
Too many people see eBay as just one giant, online
flea market that beginners take advantage of to get
their feet wet with making money online, which is
definitely a powerful strategy, but it’s definitely not
for everybody.
What people DON’T understand about eBay is that
it can also be a resource that potentially leads to
huge profits for their “regular” online businesses.

With so many different items and services being
sold on eBay, any business can benefit from the data
that can be gathered by researching their site.
Now, before you say, “Ahh… I don’t need to use

Just review their hot products for latest trends, it doesn’t matter what your
business model is you will find marketing ideas and products for
your business to sell.


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