Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Influentials

I just read this.....The Influentials by Ed Keller and Jon Berry is similar to Malcolm Gladden's book The Tipping Point. I liked the book for the focus on the trends this group is creating and the six rules for reaching them.

Who are they? They are the most influential Americans — the ones who
tell their neighbors what to buy, which politician to support and where to
vacation. They aren’t necessarily who you expect. They aren’t the richest 10
percent or the best educated 10 percent. They aren’t the early adopters who
are always the first to try everything. They are, however, the 10 percent of
Americans most engaged in their communities — where they wield a huge
amount of influence. They’re the campaigners for open-space initiatives and
friends of the public library. They’re the Influentials. Together they are the
best marketing tool around — using word of mouth to create spirals of
influence. With word of mouth increasingly important, they’ve never been
more powerful than now. Today, a fragmented market has made it possible
for Influentials to opt-out of mass-message advertising, which means that
you must take a different route to reach them.

What You’ll Learn In This Summary
This summary will help you reach the Influentials by:
✓ Showing you who the Influentials are and where they live and work.
✓ Giving you a sense of the Influential personality so you understand
what’s important to them and why they’re so important to you.
✓ Showing you how Influentials get ideas and more importantly, how they
spread them. If you can reach an Influential, he or she can create a powerful
word of mouth influence spiral that spreads the message about your product
or service far beyond the individual.
✓ Explaining why we’re in an age of autonomy and self-reliance and what
this means to you and your products and services. You will also learn what
seven trends Influentials indicate will guide the marketing future in the next
few decades.
Finally, you will discover the six rules for reaching Influentials and getting
them on board.


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