Sunday, November 12, 2006

Networking-The World's Largest Rolodex

I just read this....Actually, I read it in June of this year in Inc. Magazine, just found the article again. An idea to up the quality of your rolodex.

Looking for a supplier in Asia? Jigsa, an online marketplace that allows businesspeople to buy sell, and swap contact information, is branching inot Japan and China. The Web-based service was launched in 2004 by Jim Fowler, a sales executive at an Internet start-up in California who have become frustrated with pricey business databases filled with bad information. "Our mission is to map the entire business world,"says Fowler, who also plans to extend the English-language-only database into Scandinavia this year.

Jigsaw users pay $25 per month to access contact information for 25 business leads online, or they can elect to sway information, receiving two contacts for each accurate one they contribute. The database, which so far has gathered information on nearly three million executives at more than 300,000 companies, is self-correcting.

Users who fix inaccurate data receive two free contacts; those who enter erroneous details are docked two contacts. Niall Booth, director of inside sales at ESI International, an Arlington, Virginia, set up Jigsaw accounts for himself and 14 sales and marketing staffers. Each month they trade information on humdreds of people. "I think of it as a sniper's tool," Booth says, "Sometimes you a know a person's name and company, but you can't get through to the gatekeeper. Jigsaw gives us a direct number instead of a switchboard."

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