Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Another Jewel by Alex Mandossian

I just read this.....about email marketing from Alex.

Quick Email Tips
Tip #1: When people receive your emails, their mental conversation is to
ask themselves: “WHO is this from?” not “WHAT is this about?”
Tip #2: The aim of your “From” line is to get your email broadcast
recipients to read your “Subject” line.
Tip #3: The aim of your “Subject” line is to get your emails opened.
Tip #4: The first 50 words of your email should answer the WHO, WHAT,
WHEN, WHERE, WHY and HOW of your core message.
Tip #5: Your “first sentence” is critically important and should be brief,
preferably one line. Its aim is to invite the recipient to read the
second sentence, and so on…
Tip #6: The single most important email marketing decision you make is if
your emails will be “Text” or “HTML” based.
Tip #7: Adding a “Pop Audio Player” link (AudioGenerator™) boosts the
pulling-power of your email marketing.
10 Winning “Subject Lines”
“You’ve already seen this, right?”
“Hope you can make this…”
“Here’s your private access info…”
“I want you to read all about this…”
“Will you join us next ?”
“Where are you next night?”
“It’s me, please open up!”
“Here’s what I want you to do…”
“Congrats, you’re now confirmed”
“Got to spare right now?”
10 Tested “First Sentences”
“I’m glad you’re reading this because…”
“Here’s your courtesy reminder…”
“I hope you get this in time because…”
“Can you clear your calendar on ?”
“I’m so excited my hands are shaking…”
“I want your decision in hours, OK?”
“I didn’t believe this when I first got it…”
“It’s , so I’ll make this quick…”
“I was laughed about this…”
“Can you spare seconds right now?”

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