Saturday, December 30, 2006

Outsource? Not Marketing!

I just read this.....Things You Should Consider Before You Hire an Expert by Perry Marshall

If you need an expert, then... hurry up and get one. If they really know what they're doing, it's almost always worth the money.
You can outsource payroll. You can outsource manufacturing. You can use outsourcing for a secretary or virtual assistant. You can outsource web page design and product development. You can outsource almost anything in your business, except marketing. You certainly can't 'throw that over the wall.'
Why? Because sales and marketing is the highest leverage aspect of almost any business. She or he who owns the customers, owns the biggest asset in the business. You can hire copywriters and you can get all kinds of expertise, and it can be extremely valuable. But you can't abdicate it to others. You must be the executive in charge of the marketing process, and you must thoroughly understand it.
The classic pitfall is when people hire ad agencies. Most of the time, all they get is a bunch of smoke and mirrors – if sales go up, the agency takes credit. If sales go down, they blame it on something else, like the economy. And since no one can fully connect the dots, nobody's ever sure anyway.
People who truly know how to do cost-accountable, results-driven direct marketing are difficult to hire and usually quite expensive. The very best of us are almost impossible to hire, because we can do our own projects and own the process, instead of being a hired gun.
I'm notoriously difficult to hire for project work. I've got a waiting list that runs 2-3 months... well, actually, now that I think about it, I haven't taken on a single new client in almost 2 years. "2-3 months" is just the official thing I say on my website.
Why? Because I'm up to my eyeballs just marketing my own business, And I won't take on anything that I don't have personal enthusiasm and conviction about. Besides, the best way I can empower you is to educate and guide you to make wise judgments, write your own excellent copy, to buy your own web traffic, and own the process yourself. In any case, new clients of any stripe start out with a 30 minute consultation.
What can you outsource? What problem do you have that an expert could solve for you? What can you hire someone to teach you or coach you through, and get you up to speed fast? Those are probably the most productive questions you can ask yourself today.

Mark is the Chief Sales Officer of SCT Product Sales.
A Telecom & Network Products Reseller.
We have been in business 15 years, online for 8 & a Power Seller
on eBay for 4 years with annual eBay sales of $1,000,000.

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