Monday, January 08, 2007

Copywriting Overstatement the Kiss of Death?

I just read Perry Marshall

-The #1 disconnect is between the keyword itself and your basic message.
You'd be astonished how big the differences are between seemingly similar keywords, how different the visitors can be between, say "guinea pig" and "guinea pigs."

-Overstatement: Amateur copywriters think writing copy is all about bombast and drama. Exaggeration and yellow highlighter. They say stupid things like "Why you should crawl buck nekked on broken glass to get your hands on these hot new secrets" and the first thing the visitor thinks is "Oh no, not another one of those yo-yos" and quickly punches the BACK button. Throws it into reverse and he's outta there.I think one of the most powerful copywriting tools is *Understatement.*

Here's an example: When I was in Nairobi Kenya I met a 7 year old boy who was dying of AIDS for lack of a $1 bus ticket to get a free shot. (No joke.) A rookie copywriter might have gotten in-your-face about this unfortunate boy.

I said:I met another boy named Peter Githiri,7 years old, who is also HIV positive. Peteris not doing so well. A sponsor has not been found for him yet, and lacking medical attention, he is obviously very sick. "Not doing so well" got the point across. It left Peter's appearance to the readers' imagination. Hey, you're not dumb. You can fill in the blanks. Right?

-Treating all markets the same, or that all techniques work the same way with everyone. No siree Bob. I was talking to Tellman Knudson the other day, who sells products both to online marketers and to parents of ADHD children. He said, "What entrepreneurs respond to and what parents of children respond to are TOTALLY, ABSOLUTELY DIFFERENT."

My motto is: Talk to people the way they talk to each other and themselves.

-Know what you're going to sell them next. You know what's suicide for a Google AdWords campaign? Trying to sell one product in one shot, having no follow up before the sale and nothing to sell after the sale. You could get away with this 2-3 years ago, but you can't now.

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