Saturday, January 13, 2007

Jimmy Brown

I sent this email to Jimmy Brown, If you are tired of going from the latest trend to the latest latest trend on the internet read my comments below or check out his site.

Hi Jimmy,

I did recently join, first, your a Christian giving back, my partner and Iare too. Your info on how to fail on the internet should be requiredreading for everyone even with a thought of entering the world of internetbusiness.We have a successful offline business ($3m in sales) and have been growingour business online to compliment our bricks and mortar. I am in charge ofmarketing and have been guilty of going from the newest product to thenewest newest product etc.I have prayed about helping me focus and your site came to me. It was aGOD thing.I just read your Blueprint for Success and am applying the focus youmention. I had already started the implementation of processes iearticles, unique landing pages, target emails etc. to gain more traffic toour sites. You have given me more ideas and now I am voraciously readingall your list building articles.Keep it coming....You really cut thru the noise out on the internet.

God Bless...Mark

PS Jimmy's site is below.

Mark is the Chief Sales Officer of SCT Product Sales.
Used phone systems & used phones. He lives in San Diego, CA.
We have been in business 15 years, online for 8 & a Power Seller
on eBay for 4 years with annual eBay sales of $1,000,000.

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