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One Degree Difference to Greatness

I just read this.....From Alex Mandossian. Take a look at the movie after you read this.

The One Degree Difference to Greatness
It takes 211 degrees to heat water, but ONE EXTRA DEGREE to create boiling
water. At the “boiling point” comes steam which can power a locomotive!
That 1 degree difference, or the “tipping point” as author Malcolm Gladwell
calls it, is what most often separates mediocre performance from world-class
performance. And it brings to light why little things can make a BIG difference.
We call this the Marginal Difference to Greatness or “MDG.”
One Degree Difference Historical Facts
FACT #1: In four major golf tournaments (U.S. Open, British Open, PGA
Championship and The Masters), the margin of victory for the last 25 years in
all four majors combined was less than 3 strokes.
That’s 18 holes played over a four-day period (72 holes total in 25 years), the
MDG was 3. The winners took home 76% more in prize dollars than 2nd place!
FACT #2: The MDG principle applied in the 2004 Summer Olympic Games:
Olympic Event MDG
Men’s 200 meter Freestyle (swimming) 1.42 seconds
Women’s 200 meter Freestyle 0.59 seconds
Men’s 800 meter (running) 0.71 seconds
Women’s 800 meter 0.13 seconds
Men’s Long Jump 28 centimeters
Women’s Long Jump 11 centimeters
FACT #3: In horse racing the Triple Crown winner (Kentucky Derby, Preakness
and Belmont Stakes) is held by 11 horses in history.
The MDG between 1998 and 2002 over each of the Triple Crown races combined
(15 races in all) was less than 2.5 lengths. Six races were won by less than one
horse length!
FACT #4: The difference between being an “amateur” in business and attaining
“professional” status in your area of expertise is just $1.
So what’s your MDG? What’s your MDG in business? What’s your MDG as a parent,
as a spouse, as a leader, as a student or as any of the other roles in your life?
Where will you apply the power of the MDG principle next? Get started now…

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