Sunday, March 11, 2007

Names, Yep, Nope and Manners in General

Being of the boomer generation, we questioned authority and everything. However, as I/we got older the manners our Mom, sometimes it was Dad, instilled in us came in handy.

For instance how to act at the girlfriend's home when invited to dinner. Holding the door for a lady to walk thru first or opening their car door. Also, the one that I personally get the most comments on is to stand up and greet someone, when introduced.

This brings me to the younger generation the 17 to 25 set. We have a new young woman, lady does not fit yet in our office. I would ask her question and I would get a 'yep' or 'nope'. After about a week of this I took her aside and set the boundary that she will say 'yes or yes sir' or 'no or no mam', I also asked her not to burb in the office any more!

Oh by the way her name is Brittnay.....It could be Nicole, Amber, l the same attitude with I know more than you with the roll of the eyes.

What is happening to our your people??


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