Wednesday, June 27, 2007

How to get up in the morning!

I just read this....Since I am an early riser also, I knew some of you would like to know how we do it. This is from Anna Johnson.

"How To Get Up In the Morning... When You'd Really RatherSleep In"---------------------------------------------------------I've been getting up early for years. I currently get up ataround 5.30 am in the morning most days. But if you think I'm a"morning person" - think again!I'd love to sleep in! But with a busy schedule and familyresponsibilities, the early morning is the only time I can get myexercise routine in without any chance of interruption. Staying fit is important to me, so I'm prepared to get up earlyto ensure I get my exercise in.So how do I get up so early... and how can YOU get up early ifyou need to?Here's my no.1 tip: set your alarm at the required time... andwhen that alarm rings... get up straight away! Don't give yourself the chance to debate over whether or not toget up... don't press that "snooze" button... and certainlydon't tell yourself that you'll get up "in a minute". Get upimmediately. Otherwise, you'll probably end up staying in bed!

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