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The Invisible Cost of Website Sales Being Lost

The invisible cost of website sales being lost
"The single biggest cost website owners incur is the invisible cost of sales being lost." Since it is invisible, you have to look HARD and DEEP to see it. Are you willing to do that? Do you have a website? Would making 10x-100x more than you are now be important to you? The next few paragraphs can help you accomplish that and it is free for the reading. You are even entitled to disagree with me but you would be 100% wrong. Don't get those feathers ruffled yet. I am gonna make anyone who reads the following and has the NERVE to understand it, a LOT of money.
This is the 3rd time I have pointed this out during this short blog. But I have never devoted the time to dissect this ONE piece of the puzzle. This KEY piece.
Let's start like this. The last thing I will tell you why this is so important to me. But I WILL tell you. But before I do this let's look at this the right way. If you have a store on Main Street or in the mall and 1000 people walked in and NOBODY bought anything, would you continue to do business as usual or would you make some adjustments? Well if you do nothing, you will soon be out of business. On the net, MANY think there is a different equation. Are they kidding? If you make no sales, you will soon be out of business.
So let's say you sell widgets. 1000 customers come to your website and nobody buys your widgets. You think that is OK??? You close 1 in 1000 and you think THAT is OK??? You accept that? Are you nuts? You would not accept this in the REAL world and you should not accept that in the VIRTUAL world.
Assuming you have good widgets and there is a market for your widgets then there are techniques to close more sales by improving your website and your customer service. Why do so few even talk about this? Well how many people in the universe even know about this subject? Then from there you have to separate the ones that actually know what the hell they are talking about from the ones that are full of crap.
All I can tell you for a FACT (assuming you have a good product or service) it does not take a lot of effort to take 0 in 1000 or 1 in 1000 to 10 in 1000 and maybe 100 in 1000.
And NOW the REASON why I am so hung up on this single BOTTLENECK. When I send traffic to folks that are only closing 1 in 1000 I am making a fraction of what I could be making if they closed more sales. So for every million I make TODAY, that same traffic could easily earn 10x that. 100x that. THAT is the reason. Selfish as it is from where I sit, it's not selfish to tell merchants that they are aiming LOW when they should be aiming HIGH. Merchandising a website is no different than your physical store. Your traffic flow is no different than your physical store. But to be blunt, it takes a different set of talents to close a sale on your website than it does in your store on Main Street or in the mall. Wine is wine until you find a connoisseur to explain the difference between a $5 bottle of wine and a $500 bottle. Art is art until you find an expert to show you the difference between a $10 print and a $10 million original. So if you want to see what is not visible to YOUR EYE you need to find folks that have the talent so you can use THEIR EYE!
The problem is probably only a few hundred people on the planet have such a talent, maybe less. So you either have to find them (And they are likely not available) or learn to see this for yourselves. The best I can do is introduce you to this line of thinking. How did I learn? Lots of experimenting over many years with hundreds of millions of unique visitors to my domain names. I had to learn to make lemonade from lemons from the ground up and using virtual lemons.
"The single biggest cost website owners incur is the invisible cost of sales being lost." I cannot repeat this enough. Not visible to the naked eye. At least an UNTRAINED naked eye. I see it like I see the screen in front of me. It is THAT clear. I hope you can see what I see. If you don't see's not because it is not there.

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