Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Secret Wikipedia Services

The Secret Wikipedia Services

I know you know about wikipedia (wikipedia.com). However, you may not be aware that wikipedia is only one offering by the Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit group.

Other sister sites include:-
Commons (commons.wikimedia.org) - Free media repository-
Wikiquote (en.wikiquote.org) - Collection of quotations-
Wikispecies (species.wikimedia.org) - Animal and plant library-
Wikibooks (en.wikibooks.org) - Free textbooks and manuals-
Wikiversity (en.wikiversity.org/wiki) - Free learning materials and activities-
Wiktionairy (en.wiktionary.org/wiki) - Free dictionary-
Wikisource (en.wikisource.org) - free content library

Man, I wish I had access to all of this research material when I was in school!

The best part is that much of the content in these sources is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License, which generically means that the content can be used freely for any purpose.


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