Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How Google Shoved Yahoo! Aside in Search Marketing

1. 10 Great websites to waste your time on.

2. How Google Shoved Yahoo! Aside in Search Marketing

10 Great Websites to waste your time on
Papervision3D – Click on the images and enjoy the craziness.
– This is one is a great time killer if you are into the night sky and what exactly is out there.

– Stellarium takes the sky-map above, to a whole new level. If you want to see exactly what you see when you look at any part of your sky at any time of the day, download and install the freeware software. It is open source and there are no ads or anything involved. Learn about all stars and constellations. You can even have falling stars while you’re gazing.

I’ve got a big bag of crabs – Something that puts you in a transe and you can’t take your eye’s off.

Killer Music Player – This is a very cool music tool that allows you to build your music and listen to it.

Unusual Deaths – this is a wiki version that has all of the popular deaths and how they died. It tends to focus on the real bizarre.

Super cool fast animated video’s of cosmos. Speed time up to see the future faster.

Wildcard – This is a definite time kill. There are 5 options to mess with down in the lower left corner.

Popular Links For All – Social bookmarking to a new level. Everything you could possibly need.

What song was on your birth date – Enter your birth date and see what music was the top hit on that day.

How Google Shoved Yahoo! Aside in Search Marketing by Perry Marshall

Unless you've been hiding in a cave, you know that Microsoft now intends to acquire Yahoo so together they can make up the ground they've lost against Google.Let me be very clear that even though my books, coaching programs, etc. are about Google AdWords, nobody would be happier than me for the world to have a really good alternative to Google AdWords for buying clicks. I'm ALL for competition. I would LOVE for Yahoo Search Marketing to be a formidable opponent to Google. (It's useful, but I sure wouldn't pretend it's formidable at this point.) I would LOVE for MSN AdCenter to be super-cool and powerful, but... alas, it's not. It's anemic. And I'm being kind.Yes, I would love for Microsoft and Yahoo together to be able to kick Google's butt. Nothing is better for you and me than serious competition for our ad dollars.

Unfortunately.... In My Humble Opinion, expecting Microsoft and Yahoo to be better than Google by getting together is like pairing up two people each with an IQ of 75 and putting them in a spelling bee and hoping that together they're a 150 genius.NOT. They'll just argue with each other about how to mis-spell everything.For the record, I do hope I'm wrong.

So anyway... how did Google beat Yahoo at its own game? After all, Overture (the former company that was acquired by Yahoo) had a 3-4 year start on Google. At one time they were king. Now they're scrambling to hang onto a distant 2nd place.Ken McCarthy and I talk about that very question on this MP3. I describe what it was that pulled Google into the lead, and more importantly, how YOU use exactly the same principles to dominate in YOUR market:http://perrymarshall.com/google/kenthanks.htm

No registration is necessary, and I think you'll find this 60 minute interview to be informative to say the least.Enjoy.Perry Marshall


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