Saturday, September 27, 2008

Baby Boomers vs Millennial Generation

Owning a tech company, I am continually challenged by the mindset of the "millennial generation" towards work. That time off and time with friends is more important than working.

I read this article about what is going to transpire as the millennials enter the work force...

"When baby boomers and employees in their 20s and early 30s work side by side, the generation gap can look more like a canyon. In today’s corporations, generational differences jump out at managers:

One generation of employees exhibits maturity and steadfast loyalty, while workers of a younger generation who show brilliance and application have an exit strategy ready if boredom or dissatisfaction sets in.

Population booms and generational differences in mind-set combine to create adverse conditions that will gradually worsen, creating a perfect storm that can spell disaster for employers. Consider …

  • 50 percent of the American workforce will retire within seven years.
  • The largest number of college graduates will enter the workforce in 2009.
  • Many managers lack the skills needed to motivate and retain talented younger employees.
  • Unable to attract young people, some industries run the risk of being unequipped to compete in the future."
Read More at Managing Generation Y...

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