Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lift A Finger-Quote of the Week

There's never a lack of opportunity thanks to others lack of initiative...Dan Kennedy really hits the nail on the head with this quote.

We submitted a bid to the U.S. Navy on a I.T. infrastructure project, we talked to our contact yesterday. We were the only contractor that submitted a bid!

Really ties into what Dan speaks to.....

Lift A Finger. by Dan Kennedy

A couple weeks ago, I got a FAX from a client for whom I'd done an ad. He wanted my thoughts on replacing the word 'desperate' in its headline. Now, I'm NOT complaining about his request per se. Really, I'm not. He paid his money; it's my job to re-write, not his. So no gripe about that.

But it made me think (again) of the umpteen numbers of questions and requests I do get from Members that they really ought to answer for themselves.

Which made me think of some essential resources everybody ought to own, have handy, and use.Like a thesaurus. If you look up a word, say, like 'desperate', in Roget's Thesaurus, you find an entire page of alternate words. The thesaurus I have has no front cover anymore, a red and yellow back cover, and a rubber band holding it together. The copyright page is missing, but it's old. It's the same one I had in high school. It has stayed with me since 1970 or 1971. Because it's important. And useful.

A dictionary's a good thing to have, too. I have four. Occasionally I'll have a talk with somebody who did a mailing and got poor results. When I ask how many of the people it was sent to he called, to interview and try to find out what was wrong, he'll look at me like an owl. Head cocked. Quizzical look. I wonder why that never occurs to anybody.

Years ago, I saw a seminar exercise, later copied it. Proof there's never a lack of opportunity thanks to others lack of initiative. Took a newspaper, looked under DOGS WANTED and under DOGS FOR SALE. Made three phone calls. Sold a dog from DOGS FOR SALE to a DOGS WANTED advertiser.

Neither advertiser ever bothered to look in the other column, pick up the phone, lift a finger. Sigh.

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