Monday, October 13, 2008

6 Marketing Mistakes Businesses Make Daily

Just read this from Dan Kennedy....When doing so, here are some simple ideas to carefully consider:

#1: Most businesses invest too much in chasing new customers and too little in doing additional repeat business with their existent customers.

#2: The satisfied customer is predisposed to purchase again. Purchase more and purchase something different.

#3: It costs less to motivate a known customer to purchase again than to acquire a new customer.

#4: Customers are only fickle because a new competitor is paying more attention to them than you are.

#5: In business-to-business marketing many companies make the huge mistake of having all their contact with their customers go through the sales representative. This leaves the customers vulnerable to theft if the representative jumps to another employer. It also leaves too much opportunity for negligence on the representative's part.

#6:Regardless of the layers of distribution between you and your customer you should establish some direct link. The owner of a restaurant can do that by coming around and chatting personally with the customers. The chief executive officer of a large company can do it with a newsletter and maybe a hotline telephone number.

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