Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day Live: The Role of Social Media in the Elections from WOMMA

This story comes from Li Evans, who reported on her wait in a Philadelphia voting line this morning:

I live in one of those counties that is on the fringe of Philadelphia, traditionally these areas lean Republican. I stood in line, and it could have just been my timing, but what I heard was amazing to me. People actually talking about this candidate's website, or that candidate's video, and even a mention or two of MySpace pages.

The people in line weren't college age people either, we're talking 30 and above, and even 50 and above. I had to rub my eyes to believe what I was seeing and hearing. These people in line were talking about online social media sites, in a total offline environment and how those sites affected how they saw the candidates and the information they pulled from it.

If there's any proof to me that this election has put a spotlight on social media to the general public, standing in a voting line today was it! Talk about word of mouth marketing at its finest!

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