Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Top 3 Biggest Expenses of Any Endeavor is Going Down

The economy, the press and the paradox

Mark's Note: Seth is one of the best critical thinking, thought provoking writers on the planet. This is not rose colored glasses writing from the ivory tower. He has and is in the trenches everyday like you and me. You can read the entire post by clicking above but the bold sentence really hit home for me.

"I believe that we're on the verge of some exponential increases in productivity. Productivity in marketing as the waste of reaching the masses goes away. Productivity in energy as we figure out how to make a renewable process that gives us incremental units of power for free (think about the impact of that for a moment) and productivity in group work and management as we allow the network to do more than let us watch stupid YouTube videos at work. The three biggest expenses of most endeavors (the energy to make it, the people who create it and the marketing that spreads the idea) are about to be overhauled.

What a tragedy it will be if we let defensive thinking hold us back."

P.S. If you have not gotten your copy of Seth's latest book Tribes
go over to grab a copy now. I have read it twice.

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