Monday, November 06, 2006

More Dan Kennedy

He always has great insights, I just read this......

Successful Marketing Strategies- How To Stimulate Word Of Mouth Advertising

Hi Mark,

Just to refresh your memory, we're talking about stimulating business by using word of mouth strategies and in your previous Successful Marketing Strategy I spoke about one method to accomplish this, which is called "Slice of Life."Far better though is real word of mouth advertising and there is a single, basic secret to stimulating a high rate of word-of-mouth advertising.

I first discovered the secret from studying the Disney Companies.Word-of-mouth marketing is taught there as "find ways to do what you do so well and so uniquely that your customers cannot resist telling lots of other people about you." At the Disney Parks this principle is implemented in the forms of cleanliness and authenticity.When first time visitors to Disneyland and Disney World are surveyed and asked what sticks in their mind most about their visit the overwhelming number one answer is the cleanliness of the parks.

The number two answer is the authenticity of the environments.Disney marketing pros understand how this translates into real life. Harry and Marge go back to Dubuque and tell their friends, "You can't believe how clean the parks were." Then four more families from Dubuque pile money into motor homes and bring the money to the mouse.Because they understand this, the Disney people think of park cleanliness as marketing, not just maintenance. They use this to stimulate referrals.

Any business can also find ways to stimulate referrals, to stimulate word-of-mouth advertising, often by doing things that should be done anyway.In a retail type business excellence and creativity in the store environment and in customer service are most likely to stimulate referrals.

I know a dentist, for example, who "ten-timesed" his practice in just twenty-four months without increasing his external ad budget by even a dollar. He identified seven hundred different things to change in the office environment and in patient communications and those changes were responsible for developing a very high level of word-of-mouth advertising.Now, this brings up a vitally important theme that should be behind all your marketing efforts, which I'll reveal in just a few days in your next Success Marketing Strategy.

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