Sunday, December 03, 2006

Marketing Lessons from Bose Radio

If you sell any kind of sophisticated product, you can learn a lotabout marketing from the Bose Corporation, one of the world'slargest manufacturers of stereo speakers. As a former Speaker Designer who defected to sales & marketing,I understand the techie side of the audio world and the sales side. Bose uses a savvy mix of direct marketing, celebrities, storytellingand clever product packaging to create the perception that they makethe best stereo speakers money can buy. How do they do this?

-They package their products to make it hard to comparison shop.Consider their Wave(R) radio - not quite a boombox, not quite aclock radio, but far more profitable than either...
-Celebrity endorsements: Paul Harvey extols their virtues on hispopular radio program...
and-Their ads have special codes so they know which ads produce results.

Bose is also one of the few companies that uses direct marketing,branding and retailing together at the same time. For my full article about Bose marketing, see:

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