Monday, December 04, 2006

Beyond the Google Adsense Basics

I just read this..... Going beyond the Google AdSense basics
By Cody Moya

Even though Google AdSense for Content is the biggest of theAdSense programs, AdSense for search is a powerful and potentiallylucrative program in its own right. Google AdSense for searchallows the owner of the web site to add a Google search bar to theweb site, and this in turn allows visitors to the site to searchthe internet directly from the web site. The difference betweenthis concept and a normal Google web search, of course, is that youmake money in the process.When a user performs a search using Google AdSense for search, thepage that is displayed to that visitor also displays Google Ads(using AdWords) next to the usual listing, just as it would if thesearch were performed from the Google site. If the visitor clickson any of those Google ads, you get a payment. Therefore, adding aGoogle search bar to your can provide an additional stream ofincome while at the same time increasing the usefulness of your website for viewers.

No matter what the level of service or type of Google AdSenseprogram you choose, one of the first questions you have will nodoubt be how much money you can make. We have, of course, all seenthose ads and come ons promising thousands of dollars in a matterof days, but the fact is that this is generally not the case. Even so, however, it is possible for web site owners to make a greatdeal of money through the AdSense program, and many people aredoing just that. Better yet, once the HTML code is in place andthe web site is part of the program, very little is needed in termsof ongoing maintenance and intervention on the part of the web siteowner or webmaster.

The concept of earning money from Google AdSense is simple tounderstand. Every time a visitor to your web site clicks on an adon one of your pages, you are entitled to a percentage of the moneyGoogle earns for the ad. This can equate to very high levels ofincome, especially for the more high profile and high trafficsites. In addition, even owners of small but successful sites inniche markets can enjoy a great deal of income through AdSense. Ifyour site focuses on keywords for which there is a great deal ofdemand, that demand will result in higher ad prices for Google, andbetter ad revenue for you as visitors click the ads that are being served.Let's look at a quick example of how that revenue can ad up. Forthis example, the click through value of an ad is 30 cents. This means that Google is paid 30 cents each time the ad is clicked. The payout ratio for the ad is 50%, or 0.5, close to the current payout rate for most ads. Let's assume the ad is displayed 100times throughout the day and then clicked by nine visitors (for aclickthrough ratio of 0.09), and that the web page traffic is equalto 150 visitors.The formula used to calculate possible earnings revenue would beas follows:Clickthrough value (.30) times payout ratio (0.5) timesclickthrough ratio) times website visitors (150) times ad display(100). This formula of 0.30 * 0.5 * 0.09 * 150 * 100 gives us adollar figure of $202.50. If this average daily income were to berepeated throughout the month, the monthly earnings under thisscenario would be over $6,000. Pretty good earnings, especiallyconsidering how simple and automated the Google AdSense program really is.

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