Wednesday, January 10, 2007

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Characteristics of a Professional

Professionals love problems:
Non-professionals whine and worry about problems rather than tackle them. Professionals can’t wait to get started on solving a problem. To the Pros, problems are like candy to a kid. They devour them. They solve them.

Professionals are on time:
To a professional, time is the scarcest of all commodities. Therefore, they respect the time of others by meeting all commitments on time. They resent those who fail to do the same.

Professionals complete and follow through:
Professionals get the job done because they avoid excuses, alibis, and passing the buck. They do what is necessary to complete a job even if tremendous obstacles get in the way. To the Pro, there is no such phrase as, “the computer can’t do it”. They simple figure out another way to accomplish the task at hand.

Professionals love numbers and details:
The undisciplined mind works in generalities and platitudes, the “professional” mind works in specifics and substance. The professional remembers facts and figures, hunts for ratios, analyzes detailed information, quotes resources, and substantiates all opinions with sound reasoning.

Professional assign priorities:
True pros do not stamp out ants if elephants are coming down the path. They do not hit tacks with sledgehammers. Rather they apply just the right amount of emphasis and effort that a job requires. Professionals can sift through a myriad of variables, get to the heart of the matter, and take decisive action speedily.

Professionals are organized:
A professional has a To Do list with him or her at all times. They also use a calendar and a notebook for recording thoughts and inspirational ideas as they occur. Professionals can find things. They never misplace a memo, lose a scrap of paper with an important phone number, or write the wrong date for important meetings.

Professionals read avidly:
Professionals have something to read at all times. If they have a spare moment, they read. They rate what they read in priority, i.e. articles, memos, the paper.

Professionals communicate well:
They know how to speak, listen and write. In most cases, good speakers are weak writers, and vice versa. Professionals, however, try to work on their shortcomings. They also demonstrate compassion and sensitivity. They watch and listen for little clues that help them understand their supervisors and subordinates.

Eternal optimists:
Professionals abhor negative thinking. If there is any way to get the job done, they will figure it out. Professionals also inspire others to be positive in attitude.

Professionals do not procrastinate:
The temptation to put things off is strong, even for a professional. The pros resist it with the “ready, aim, fire” philosophy. Get it done, get it done now.

Professionals compensate for their weaknesses:
God’s children are not equally talented. The professional is aware of personal weaknesses but does not allow them to detour progress. He or she compensates by seeking advice when necessary, trying to overcome flaws, and allotting extra time for unfamiliar difficulties.

Professionals always praise others:
Those who are most successful tend to credit others with their success. They do so continually and sincerely. Their praise comes fast by telephone call, thank you note, follow-up memo or recognition among peers. Since professionals understand the power of positive reinforcement, “stroking” is natural for them.

Professionals have a special look or manner:
About 90% of our first impression of a new acquaintance is based on visual cues. Professionals are very careful about making sure their visual image is appropriate. They are neatly groomed and tastefully attired. Professionals are neither flamboyant nor dull. They know what to wear and what to say on all occasions. When a professional enters a room, he or she sends signals of confidence, humility, and discipline. Charisma is not based on pretension or gimmickry, but upon long-time experiences with success.

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