Thursday, January 11, 2007

I just read this.....Since it is January and want to get the new year off to a great start, I am focusing on articles I have read in the past that have helped me.

"Focus On Your Strengths, Not Your Weaknesses"----------------------------------------------Anna JohnsonEditor, Success

How many times do "well-meaning" managers, colleagues, friendsand others advise you to "work on your weaknesses"?Well... in many cases, working on your weaknesses is the WORSTthing you can do!Now I'm not talking about acquiring certain skills or knowledgeyou currently lack. If you need certain skills or knowledge toachieve a particular goal, then by all means get that skill orknowledge.What I'm talking about is being consistently "bad" at something,or finding it difficult to master something... no matter howhard you try. Like math. Or writing. Or schmoozing. Or being neat!I know this isn't "politically correct" but the reality is:you're not good at everything and you NEVER will be.We're all unique - with unique talents and gifts - for a reason.So are you going to waste precious time and effort struggling toget just a tiny bit better at something that just doesn't - andwill never - come naturally... or are you going to build andcapitalize on your true God-given talents?Fact is, you'll derive far, far, far greater value - however youmeasure that term (money, results, accomplishments, whatever) -by improving your STRENGTHs. Not to mention enjoyment.And this isn't just my opinion - this is the principle ofleverage at work. But I won't bore you with a long explanation :) Just trust me on this: focus on your strengths, not yourweaknesses. You'll get much better results.

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