Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Is SEO Dead?

I just read this from Michael Campbell…..Is all this below about John Reese’s new site Income.com??

Is SEO Dead?
Here Lies SEO _RIP_ 1994-2006
SEO coaches and consultants are disappearing at analarming rate. Last week Leslie Rohde announced that hewas closing his consultancy and his private OptiSmartsblog. He quit the business.
He told us that… although he can teach us SEO, thatin and of itself, is not enough to have a successfulbusiness. I have to agree… not with the quitting part,but search engines alone will not make your businesssuccessful. They don’t buy anything… people do.
Then just the other day, I got a note saying that longtime SEO consultant Dan Thies was also retiring, closinghis coaching and consulting practice. Same deal as Leslie.He’s moving on to something else but wasn’t saying what.
Then Sherman Hu announced, that he was going to focushis energies on a new project this new year. There’s rumorsflying around, that several other gurus are poised to makesimilar announcements. Just what the heck is going on?
There’s a stirring in the force my friends. Why are allthese people closing up shop?
After a little investigative work, I found that there’s anew “University” opening soon. One where they’ll providenot just SEO, but complete business skills.
I’m talking PPC, keyword research, blogging, productcreation, copywriting, conversion, sales, marketing,affiliate programs, ecommerce and more. Everythingyou’ll need to succeed online.
All these larger than life gurus, each specialistsin their fields, are joining together to create theinternet’s first true higher learning institute. And I’mgoing to tell you how you can team up with them, onJanuary 4th 2007.
It will be one of the biggest announcements of the year.Never before has there been such a shake up and mergingof talent like we are about to see.
This is not an offer to join a waiting list. This is anexclusive invitation through the back door. It’s not opento the public. Only faculty, staff and advisors (such asmyself) are permitted to make this offer.
That’s right… if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. I’ve beenbrought in as an advisor. I was persuaded to come outof retirement, to help steer this big ship.
And when it relaunches, it will be a once in a lifetimeevent… and it’s only open for one day… ThursdayJanuary 4th 2007.
So what am I talking about? It’s the all new StomperNetNetwork! Think of it as StomperNet 2.0.
This is not the same old private membership. This notjust a continuation. It is a rebirth. A revelation in onlinetraining. It’s a convergence of talent and specialists likeLeslie Rohde, Dan Thies, Sherman Hu, Frank Kern, MikeLong, Andy Jenkins, Brad Fallon and myself.
This is it folks. The holy grail of learning. Slide ourknowledge into your brains. It is your chance to make achange in your life, that could make your business growby 10 or even 100 times this year.
So if your business is not where you’d like it to be. Ifyou would like to earn anywhere from 10K to 100K to 1million per month, then it doesn’t matter what skill levelyou are at. There are courses to suit your needs. Thereare faculty members ready to step in and teach you, trainyou and assist you, every step of the way.
But I’ve already said enough, and don’t want to get in hotwater, or give away any unauthorized secrets. Just keepyour eyes open for a special announcement from me onJanuary 4th. It will contain an exclusive offer, forreaders of this newsletter.
But do recall, this is a once in a lifetime event andit’s only open for one day… 24 hours… on ThursdayJanuary 4th 2007.
Until then… wishing you all the best for online success.
Michael Campbell
Keep your eyes on the IMS Blog for any news andcomments regarding this major announcement. As thingsdevelop towards Thursday, I’ll keep you up to the minuteon any developments.
IMS Blog ==> http://homepage.mac.com/dmcorp/index.html
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