Wednesday, February 21, 2007

“1 in 4 Desperately Unhappy - Here's Why”

I just read this from Anna Johnson of the Success Accelerator

“1 in 4 Desperately Unhappy - Here's Why”
Actually, "desperately unhappy" is putting it mildly.
"Greed is making us sick" blared the headline in Sydney's Daily Telegraph newspaper on February 5th.
Turns out that in the last 12 months more than a quarter of people in the English speaking world have suffered some kind of mental illness.
Well, this is according to a study quoted in Oliver James' new book Affluenza.
James, a British psychologist, attributes this to "selfish capitalism". According to the Daily Telegraph article by Paul Kent:
"too many people in the English speaking world are ruled by superficial values, to the point where instead of being satisfied as we attain more possessions – get better looking after a facelift, get a deeper tan, a nicer car, a better home – this insatiable need we have created can never be sated, making us increasingly unhappy."
James contrasts English speakers with Western Europeans, who are apparently less materialistic and happier (with only 11.5% suffering a mental illness in the last 12 months).
Curiously, the article makes no mention of how happy the many people living in third world countries - struggling to feed themselves, let alone buy stuff - are.
In any case, there are:
Damned lies...
...and inferences about statistics!

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