Friday, February 16, 2007

How to Herd Cats....When You're a Mouse"

I Just read this......from Anna Johnson of Success Accelerator“How To Herd Cats... When You're a Mouse”
Bringing about change in an entire organization is a bit like trying to herd cats... when you're a mouse.
Not only is it just plain difficult to get everyone moving in the same direction... but at any moment, someone could turn around and bite your head off!
(Or if they're like my old cat, give you a few swipes and then "play" with you a bit... cruel, I know...)
So how do you do it?
How do you change things... from how promotions are awarded... to the policy on leave entitlements... to the structure of the organization... to the overall morale of the staff... to anything?
After all, you may be a small "cog" in a very large wheel with very little apparent influence... or, even if you're part of senior management, you may feel that you won't get buy-in from the majority of staff.
Well, here are four (4) steps I suggest you take to bring about organizational change:

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