Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Top 5 Strategies Dealing with this bad economy

Maybe this"economy thing" might be worse than we think.

What's the best way to protect yourself?

Well, there are two basic strategies to follow when situations like this come up:

1) Make more 2) Spend less

Pretty simple...Huh!!

Maybe cutout everyday that double latte.
Go out to dinner less.
Take fewer clothes to the cleaners.
And on and on.....

The ULTIMATE way to do better in life is to:

To work SMARTER.

1) Stop doing the things that are unproductive, 2) Stop the interruptions and distractions. 3) Stay focused on the things that matter.

Always ask what is the most productive/important item on my list. Identify it and then do it.

This is the Pareto 80/20 Principle. 80% of your revenue, sales etc. is going to be generated from 20% of your clients. Sooooo....push the eject button on the rest of your clients, they are wasting your time.

Conclusion: Be ruthless with your time, it is the most valuable possession you have.

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