Friday, November 21, 2008

Tom Peters Still Thrives on Chaos

Just got my Inc. and Wired magazines, will look forward to reading over the Thanksgiving Holidays....

I was perusing Inc. and there was a quick snippet at the bottom about Tom Peters. He is best know for dishing out advice during business and economic downturn and disarray. Mmmm, sound familiar??

He published In Search of Excellence: Lessons from America's Best-Run Companies during the severe 1982 recession and he published Thriving on Chaos on 1987's Black Monday.
His blog is

Want to know how to thrive now in these economic times, then read more history.
Here is a little excerpt about thriving in these economic times:
Instant, mindless cutting of R&D or training or salesforce travel in face of a downturn is often counterproductive---or, rather, downright stupid. Tough times are fact golden opportunities to get the drop, and the longterm drop at that, on those who respond to bad news by panichk across-the-board slash and burn tactics and moves that de-motivate and alienate the workforce at exactly the wrong moment.

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