Wednesday, September 02, 2009

10 Ways for Baby Boomers to Get Their Resume Read

I posted the above 10 tips, 5 of the tips are listed below and the remaining 5 can be read here.

Baby Boomers Confidence is Key
You may be feeling uncertain about your ability to compete in an already competitive job search. But don’t let that deter you. You have years of experience under your belt and the skill level to match. So make sure you maintain your confidence throughout your job search process. It will shine through in your resume, cover letter, and face-to-face interview.Getting back into the workforce as a Baby Boomer isn’t an impossible task if you believe in your capabilities and make a strong effort to excel. The more proactive you are about putting yourself out there, the more success you will have in locating opportunities that can take your career to the next level.

Below are a few tips for your writing your resume and getting your resume read:
1. Construct your resume to read easily. Remember, resumes are reviewed quickly. Help the reader to scan your resume efficiently and effectively
Use bulleted sentences.
Resumes are read quickly.
Bullets make it easier for someone to quickly scan your resume and still absorb it
2. Put strengths first where they are more apt to be read.
3. Use action words prepared, developed, monitored, and presented.
4. Have someone else read your resume. A second set of eyes will always catch grammatical or spelling error and the person may add valuable input.
5. To avoid appearing out of touch, Sharon Armstrong, a career consultant in Washington, D.C., urged one client fearful of seeming too old to discuss her use of Twitter and Facebook during job interviews.

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