Friday, November 03, 2006

Press Releases-The Light Bulb Comes On!

I have been a dunce for not realizing what a great way to drive more sales in our business. If you own a business not only is it easy to get the word out now with the power of the internet. I am attaching a list of reasons to for a press release.

Also, every time you submit the press release to the internet with a link to your website you are improving your page rank (moving up in natural searches, page 1 is your goal). Wow! Two for the price of one!!

I just read this 89 Reasons for a Press Realease and Top Ten Tips from

1. Accomplishments 2. Alliance with another organization 3. Anniversary (Issue 8) 4. Annual report 5. Appearances at major events 6. Appointment to a board or committee 7. Articles by or about you (Issue 6, 7, 8, 11, 13, 14) 8. Awards you are receiving (Issue 9) 9. Books you have written (Issue 7)10. Books you are mentioned in (Issue 13)11. Community classes you are sponsoring12. Company birthday13. Contest you are sponsoring (Issue 3)14. Contributions to charities, donations, scholarships (Issue 2)15. Controversial topic, where you stand16. Death of major figure in your organization 17. Debates18. Employee trips 19. Expanded facilities20. Expanded hours21. E-zine you are starting (Issue 6)22. Free classes23. Free demonstrations24. Free information at your website25. Free offer26. Free samples (Issue 2)27. Fund-raising kick-off28. Fund-raising report29. Fund-raising goal30. Grant you are giving31. Grant you are receiving32. Guest speaker you are hosting33. Holiday events or programs34. Holiday you are declaring (Issue 8, 14)35. Hostile takeover 36. Incorporations37. Industry awards or commendations38. Industry groups you are joining39. Industry programs in which you are participating40. Job change41. Land purchase42. Lawsuit you have filed or settled43. Mergers and acquisitions44. Move into new market45. Name change46. New address47. New contract48. New employees (Issue 4)49. New contracts, clients, customers50. New products or services51. Newsletter you are starting (Issue 8)52. Official announcement53. Open house54. Partnerships or strategic business alliances55. Patents56. Poll you have taken (Issue 11)57. Predictions58. Proclamations59. Product recall60. Public issues, where you stand61. Public service announcements on radio/TV62. Public stock offering63. Publications64. Radio show appearances (Issue 2, 9, 10, 11, 16, 17) 65. Rallies66. Real estate transaction67. Recruitment and retention strategies (Issues 14, 17) 68. Relocations69. Research you are conducting, or results (Issue 2)70. Retirement71. Sales promotions (Issue 15)72. Services for handicapped73. Speaking engagement74. Special events (Issues 4, 14, 17)75. Sponsorships (Issue 4)76. Strike 77. Survey you have taken (Issue 11)78. Tie-in with upcoming holidays 79. Tours of your company80. Trade show where you are exhibiting (Issue 9, 15, 16, 17 )81. Trends you are seeing (Issue 10)82. Training seminars or other programs you attend83. TV show appearance (Issue 2, 10, 11, 15, 17) 84. Weather-related event (Issue 13)85. Website, or new service online (Issue 3)86. White paper or manuscript you have written (Issue 10) 87. Workshop or seminar you are presenting88. Workshop or seminar you are attending89. Visit by celebrity or public figureCopyright 1999, The Publicity Hound. Reproduction strictly prohibited. The Publicity

Hound's Top 10 Tips for Free Publicity:1. Send news releases regularly about new products and services, events, contests, awards, new employees and promotions.2. Write ?how-to? articles for newspapers, magazines, trade publications and newsletters to position yourself as an expert.3. Get onto the speaking circuit.4. Create a web site that offers free advice, reciprocal links, articles by and about you and a list of experts the media can contact.5. Publish an electronic newsletter packed with free content. Journalists often subscribe to these if the topic interests them.6. Get to know reporters. Offer yourself as someone they can call on for background, commentary and story ideas. Call and ask, ?How can I help you??7. Start your own TV show on your local cable TV company?s public access channel. Air time is free. Contact your cable TV company for details.8. Look for photo opportunities. Local newspapers, TV stations, weekly shoppers, trade publications and other media are always looking for interesting photo opportunities.9. Give free classes and demonstrations through adult ed programs, at schools and colleges, or at your own business.10. Participate in online discussion groups and offer lots of helpful advice. Reporters often lurk here, and contact people who they want to quote in articles.For special reports, CDs, cassette tapes and free articles that givestep-by-step instructions on how to handle a particular publicity dilemma,visit

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